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For Internet users to view Facebook in China, it’s required that they use either a proxy or a VPN.  Both proxies and virtual private networks are similarly priced,  work in similar ways, and will  have a relatively the same effect on blocked sites in China.  There are some  differences  however, and you can use the pointers below to decide which one is best for you.

Because I work on the internet, I prefer using a VPN. However, for day to day use like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or checking email, most people prefer a web based proxy.

For users of laptops and desktop computers, it’s perhaps best to get a VPN.  The OpenVPN version still works in China, and probably will be for a long time to come.  Even in the Middle East and African nations, OpenVPN is the standard can be used for privacy and security.


OpenVPN is cool because it secures your whole computer (as opposed to just securing the internet browser).  Most people don’t think too much about the Chinese government or other Internet predators hacking into their computer, but the existence of such events is a reality, not some fairy tale made up by the news.

China has been up to no good, trying to hack into US government officials’ email accounts, as well as spying in on random user accounts.  Have you had that red flag pop up saying that your Gmail account recently had some suspicious activity?


And people way underestimate how dangerous public wifi zones at airports, cafes, hotels, and dorms are.   It’s super easy to get passwords and other private data (credit card numbers, login details, etc) stolen on one of these unsecured networks.  If you don’t want to be at risk when you access banned sites in China, a VPN is what you need. SSL/OpenVPN is the most secure way to surf the Internet anonymously in the entire world.


12VPN is currently one of the ONLY non-blocked VPN services in China.  Their VPN service is great for newbies that want a “plug and play” solution to the problem of Internet censorship.  For IP addresses from the US (total of 10 locations), you pay only $79 bucks a year.  They’re also one of the only services that offer VPN options for Android and iPhone. (redirects to China-friendly mirror site)

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If you’re going to view Facebook in China on your phone, then you definitely need a proxy.

There is no question about it here, because for mobile phones and tablet computers, the L2TP and PPTP VPN protocols are blocked in China (*Update 2012 – 12VPN now offers VPN Android and iPhone options). This is a recent development (March 2011).

That’s ok, because proxies work well too.  Plus you don’t have to install anything, so you don’t have to worry about that.

All you’ve got to do is access their secure browser through the link they send you, and any URL you want to unblock can be typed in. Most proxies are blocked in China. The ones that aren’t, are – to be 100% honest – crappy.

I tried SecureBypass a while back and was impressed at the speed.  I was not only able to get on Facebook, but I could also watch Youtube videos, check my email, download stuff, and all other regular online activities were just like back home.

They’re cheap too, at $6 dollars a month.  That’s for a 12 month sign up however, and if you opt for just the two month version, it’ll be $8 a month. Still, it’s a great way to unblock sites in China, and if you’re going to be here for just a short time, the two month option would be more practical.

They’ve also got a FREE TRIAL that you can sign up for without giving away your credit card information.

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